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Our Values

Our Values

Respect for People

  • Demonstrate respect by developing our people and helping them set and achieve high performance standards

  • Reward performance

  • Respect diversity

  • Treat all people with dignity


  • Walk the talk

  • Honesty

  • Resist politics

Sense of Urgency

  • Strive for speed and simplicity in everything we do

  • Fight bureaucracy

  • Focus on delivery


  • Reach out beyond boundaries to share information and ideas

  • Promote collaboration and break down silos

  • Positive networking requires courage, discipline, and integrity, and refuses to engage in political "workarounds" at the cost of transparency


  • Restless with the status quo

  • Think out of the box

  • Seek out and adapt best practices

  • Extend to all areas of work


  • Achieve through powerful missions and transparent processes

  • Encourage and reward self-confidence and initiative

  • Require accountability


  • Invite open and challenging discussion up-front

  • Face reality, make timely difficult decisions, and follow-through on them

  • Set demanding targets and standards for ourselves and others

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