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Values Toolkit

Companies that define, integrate, and consistently demonstrate a strong set of core values within their organizational practices, processes, decisions, and actions experience greater long-term success than companies that do not pursue this course or that do so partially or inconsistently. Leading companies recognize the impact of culture and values on their ability to be competitive and, by paying close attention to their values, reap the rewards of their efforts.

Our Values Toolkit offers an integrated selection of tools designed for use in instilling values in organizations. It is intended for use by managers and consultants, and serves as a library from which to select resources as needed over time. The components of the Toolkit are designed to stand alone.

The Values Toolkit contains:

  • Tips for Enhancing Values-Based Behavior

  • Values Meeting In a Box

  • Values Activities (Exercises, Case Studies, and Situational Dilemmas)

  • Team Values Development (Team Assessment, Discussion Guide, and Action Planning)

  • Success Stories (Share Your Success Story, Read Other Success Stories, and Best Practices)

  • Resources (Articles, Books, and Online Resources)

A tour of the Values Toolkit is available in response to your request by email or our Contact page on this site. Please be sure to include the following information in your request: name, company/organization name, your title, phone number, and email address.

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