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Aspire Consulting, LLC
Off-the-Shelf Programs

The programs described below have been developed, tested, and implemented many times in a variety of industries and organizations. For best results, we customize the "standard" program to fit your organization's and leaders' needs. Please contact us to discuss customization for your organization.

  • The Launch Code - We have teamed up with Courtney Ness, founder of Field Factor Training, to develop The Launch Code. The Launch Code will provide your team with an off-the-shelf competency model for advanced sales representatives and managers, candidate selection tools, and management implementation resources to help you build the right foundation. 

  • Field Factor has helped launch some of the most specialized therapeutics in the US. Aspire has helped build some of the most respected competency models in our industry. We are excited to combine our expertise and bring these resources to you!

  • Global Leadership Assessment and Development - Assessment, feedback, and coaching for individuals who are already in a global role, anticipate taking a global role, or who work in a global organization interacting with people from other countries and cultures. The Global Competencies Inventory (GCI) helps leaders gain an increased understanding of the behaviors, values, beliefs, and practices that impact their effectiveness when interacting with people from other countries and cultures. The insights they gain can then be used to develop action plans and identify opportunities to enhance their effectiveness as a global leader.

  • The Learning Mindset Development Suite - A suite of unique developmental services and offerings focused on developing and instilling a learning-oriented approach to work that enables leaders to learn more, faster; perform at a higher level; and create greater value for their organization and themselves.

  • Leading in a VUCA World - A two-day program that provides leaders with an understanding of the key capabilities needed to perform at a high level of effectiveness in a world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity - VUCA.


  • Design Thinking and Innovation Program - A two or three day program that provides leaders with an immersive developmental experience that will build increased confidence in their ability to think and act creatively. Participants will be engaged in active, experiential learning, applying the concepts, models, and tools of design thinking, as pioneered by the Stanford Business School.


  • The Leadership Challenge - Based on the ground-breaking book The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes & Posner, this two day experiential learning program is designed for senior leaders. We will customize the program to communicate critical information about your organization’s vision and purpose, culture, business environment, key challenges and priorities, and prepare your leaders to meet key leadership challenges and opportunities facing the organization. Novel methods of learning include use of the film "Bridge on the River Kwai" to enable analysis of the key characters from a leadership point of view, 360-degree feedback on leadership competencies, and outdoor experiential activities.


  • Leadership Development Program - This two-day developmental experience is designed for middle managers. It will be customized to create a common understanding of your organization’s purpose, culture, and values, and how these affect key challenges and priorities. It will prepare middle managers to meet key leadership challenges and opportunities facing the organization. Unique aspects of the program learning approach include use of the film "Flight of the Phoenix" which will be analyzed in light of your organization's leadership competency model and/or values. Participants will receive 360-degree feedback on leadership competencies, learn and practice Situational Leadership, and learn how to build and lead high-performance teams.

  • Action Learning - This program is a true "learning from experience" opportunity! Participants engage in an experiential learning and problem-solving approach that enables them to address genuine business challenges while building leadership capabilities. There is very little facilitator/instructor presentation: the group becomes its own facilitator. Through this experience, participants hone their ability to coach their peers, lead through questions, and solve complex business problems.

  • Change-Capable Leaders and Organizations -  This two-day program aims to help participants understand and enhance their potential and skills as leaders, while it enables them to develop greater agility and change capacity in their organization. Through a combination of limited lecture, discussion, and involvement in a computer-based simulation on leading change, participants gain new knowledge and skill to effectively lead organizational change.

The Launch Code
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