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Team Values Development

Team Values Development


Managers are responsible to ensure that they and their teams understand and consistently “live” the Values in all work situations. They are expected to help their teams maintain a constant awareness of the Values and their impact on work and team performance, and to coach them regarding how to improve the team's alignment with the Values. This Team Values Development tool provides managers with a structured process and guidance to assist them fulfill this leadership responsibility.



The process and materials provided in this tool are intended to enable you to:

  • Help your team develop a shared view of how well they exhibit the Values

  • Facilitate a team discussion on how to improve the team's consistent demonstration of the Values on a day-to-day basis

  • Provide an opportunity to coach team members on improving their consistent demonstration of the Values




To assist in achieving these objectives, this tool is provided to guide you through the process of preparing for and facilitating a Team Values Development session. It consists of three components:


Set-Up - Inform the team that you plan to have a session (or workshop) to focus some time on the Values, and that the purpose of the meeting is to help the team develop a shared view of how well they exhibit the Values, and identify some concrete actions to improve the team's Values-based performance.

Pre-Work - Prior to the session, provide each team member with a Team Values Assessment tool and a Team Values Development Meeting Agenda. Ask them to complete the tool for both self-assessment (“S”) and team assessment (“T”). They should bring their results to the Team Values Development session; however, they will not be required to reveal their self-assessment ratings.


Also, ask each person to think about how they can improve the performance of themselves and others when completing the self and team assessments. Get them to think in very simple and real terms about tips and techniques they can think of to ensure that the Values are an integral part of their work life.

Team Meeting - For detailed instructions on facilitation of the team meeting, please refer to the Team Meeting Facilitation Instruction document.


  • 15 minutes for participants to complete a Team Values Assessment tool (pre-work)

  • 60 minutes (minimum) for discussion and action planning (team session)



  • Team Values Assessment Tool

  • A prepared flip-chart (see Team Meeting Facilitation Instructions for sample)

  • Enough small, adhesive-backed, colored “dots” for every team member to have at least 12 (1 dot for each Value and 1 for each Attribute), OR a set of flip chart markers

  • Tips for Enhancing Values-Based Behavior

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