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More than ever, global leaders need to become masters of learning from experience. The increasingly hyper pace of work life demands that we anticipate and adapt to random, rapid change, draw meaning from every situation, and apply new-found insights to address evolving realities. The skills of learning from experience may seem commonplace enough, but they are not common practice for too many leaders. It is through the consistent, rigorous, intentional practice of learning practices such as these that growth, development, and transformation are achieved.


This book, Learning Practices: A Guide to Intentional Learning from Experience, frames the challenge global leaders face, and provides a way forward. The "practices" themselves are the actual behaviors and practices that are used to turn raw experience into deep, new meaning: insight, changed behaviors, altered perspectives, and elevated human performance.


Global leaders are encouraged to assess their own learning from experience skillset, by completing the Learning Practices Survey. Having determined areas of opportunity for personal growth and development, the Guide provides practical ideas on using each practice to derive more learning, growth, and development from the best classroom ever invented: the "classroom" of on-the-job work experience.

Learning Practices: A Guide to Intentional Learning from Experience

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