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How Global Leaders Develop

globalization, global, global leaders, global leadership development

Globalization is driving an increased need for leaders who possess global leadership competencies that enable them to lead effectively. Despite the increased demand for skilled global leaders, the supply is lagging far behind the need. How can companies close the gap and ensure an adequate supply of leaders with the needed capabilities? To answer that question, I conducted research into three questions that lay the groundwork for an answer:

Why We Need to Flip Leadership Development

leadership development, learning mindset, learning practices, learning agility, learning from experience, action learning, 70-20-10

Flipping the Classroom has generated quite a stir in public education recently. If you haven’t heard, a “flipped classroom” essentially inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction online to students outside of class, and moving “homework” into the classroom. Students watch video lectures at home at their own pace, communicating with their teacher and other students through online discussions. When students return to the classroom, the teacher provides application exercises and activities, revisit concepts that students don’t understand, and supports students at their own pace in the classroom. It is growing in popularity, although it has its fair share of critics as might be expected of any new, different model of teaching, which has relied on delivering instruction to students in the classroom, and sending assignments home to be completed by the next class session…the opposite of the flipped classroom.

Global Leadership Development Alchemy: Turning Lead Into Gold

learning mindset, learning practices, learning agility, learning from experience, leadership development, global leadership development

“Global executives are suffering from a crisis of confidence. According to a survey by Harvard Business Publishing, their leaders lack the skills to achieve strategic goals, and the need to develop stronger leadership capability extends to middle managers, who are being asked to do more than ever before.”1

Harvard: Low Confidence in Global Leadership Capability Worldwide

learning mindset, learning practices, leadership development, learning from experience, learning agility, global leadership development

Harvard Business Publishing released the results of its global survey of executives and senior talent development professionals this morning, and it reveals a "striking deficit in leadership talent. Only 32% of the 800+ respondents believe that their organizations have the right leadership talent and skills to achieve their organizations’ strategic goals. Just 31% are confident their leaders have the right leadership skills to cope with the current business environment."

We're Too Busy for Leadership Development!

leadership development,learning mindset, learning from experience, learning practices

Have you ever said that you are too busy for Leadership Development? Many senior leaders say the managers in their organization don’t have the time to attend a leadership development program, much less participate in a program themselves. There are just too many pressing priorities and so little time.

If this resonates with you, read on to learn 5 Steps to Leader Development When You Have Too Many Priorities and Not Enough Time!

5 Reasons Leaders Fail to Develop

fail to develop, learning mindset, learning practices, learning from experience, leadership development

Review these 5 reasons that leaders fail to develop, and ask yourself if any of them apply to you!

How open are YOU to learning from experience?

learning from experience, leadership development, openness to experience

What does it mean to be open to learning from experience? When we are open to learning from experience, we embrace everything we encounter in life as an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop. We believe we can and will learn, and we intentionally grow and develop from our experiences. It sounds simple and straightforward, but it can be deceptively difficult.

Putting the Accelerator in Accelerated Leadership Development

accelerated leadership development,learning from experience,learning mindset, learning practices

Many executive and leadership development courses advertised today by universities and consulting firms include claims that the programs will accelerate development. These programs are intended to enable leaders to gain expanded leadership capabilities through challenging developmental experiences. Acceleration of a leader’s development takes place as a result of critical program design elements. For example, one well-known model from the Center for Creative Leadership recommends that the most effective leadership development programs contain assessment, challenge, and support.

10 Learning Practices: Tools for Creating Change

learning practices, learning from experience, learn from experience

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.”

3 Keys to Accelerated Leadership Development at Warp Speed

accelerated leadership development, learning mindset, learning practices, learning from experience

In Star Trek, Captain Kirk often dramatically directed “Warp drive, Mr. Scott!” The camera went in tight on Mr. Scott’s hand as he pushed the accelerator forward, and the Enterprise jumped out of sight to another distant galaxy, faster than the speed of light. [Cue Star Trek theme]

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